Maybe The Advent Of Drones Isn’t ALL Bad?


I admit watching video of the Phantom 4 drone really creeped me out.   The thought of Amazon dropping random packages by drones on my door step sometime in the future does kind of creep me out too.

But I came across this interesting article where I can see an altruistic & useful purpose for a drone & figured it was worth a share.

It actually is pretty ingenious when you think about it.   Saving viability windows & time perhaps.  It’s interesting to think about.  I admit too it does my heart good to see positive uses for drones because of said creepy factor.   I could see how this could solve several issues & be a good thing.

I do like the futuristic thought of drones being able to be built like ambulances for transport as well.   That concept is also interesting but I think also would be a welcome relief as an additional means for people to get to their center much more quickly than ground transport or going by car.

In addition to that fun bit, there was anther promising article I came across today,that I figured I’d also add to this post to share because it shows potential for a real impact as well even though it’s very early stage.

I’d heard about the organ scaffolding process in building 3D printed or regenerating tissue for organs, but this was the first article where I’d actually seen it reported in use for lungs.

It appears that this is closer to becoming reality than was first anticipated. It appears Yale has created a working scaffold for the lungs to build upon for regeneration.

I find that truly encouraging.








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