New Blab Coming Soon

My good friend & fellow blogger buddy, Chelsea, & I were experimenting with Blab yesterday.

In the near future, we want to start up a few sessions & want to invite our followers & friends to participate.

We want it to be geared to a wide variety of people, mainly chronic illness, spoonie, transplant, rare disease buddies, & friends with disabilities (to name a few) to have a place to discuss issues important to us.

We’re still working on timing/schedules because it depends on when we both are available & physically feel up to leading them.

We are not sure yet how frequent they will be (we’re mapping that out.)

That said, we do have a few preliminary topics in mind, mainly centered around relationships to start as a broad umbrella.

This includes our personal relationships in obvious spheres like dating & family & friends.  Yet it could also include how we interact & navigate the healthcare system & those relationships. Or the workplace, & relationships in other facets of our lives.

These are just some possible examples.  It doesn’t always have to medically focused, either.

All of us do have lives & interests outside of this.

Yet, we do want to have a vehicle to troubleshoot & problem solve as well as interact since a few of us might live in areas where it’s harder for us to have those opportunities to do so because of logistical, physical, or resource limitations.

Keep in mind that Blab does archive the video, so if you can’t join, we can certainly circulate the archive link later.   (Also for Mac users, Blab doesn’t work with Safari, unless you’re using the iPhone app.  I get errors when I’ve forgotten & used it from my laptop.  Usually Chrome or Firefox are recommended instead.)

(Mashable has a great little article about Blab here for those who aren’t familiar with it.)

We are always open to feedback & suggestions, especially as we get going.

If any of our blogger, social media, or other friends with common ground & interest are interested in joining in the conversation or brainstorming topics, please contact us.

You can reach us on Twitter or emails are also welcome.  (Chelsea’s Twitter handle,  Nikki’s Twitter handle) Please send emails to

Try to use Blab brainstorm or something similar in the subject line of the email so we know it’s not spam.  (This is an email account that is checked less often that I used for healthcare insurance coaching & things for people in the past, but I’m reactivating it for this particular purpose. It may just take me some time to get into the habit of checking it again but I certainly will & then reply back).

UPDATE: 2/2/16.  We have named our blab series Sickadilly Chat.  Sickadilly means “popping & fresh.” (taken from Urban Dictionary).  This is exactly what we set out to accomplish with this series of chats. The first Blab is scheduled for 2/5/16 at 3PM EST.   I just created a Blab Archive page & tab here in my blog to add these blabs as we get them scheduled & archived.  People can follow us under the hashtag #sickadillychat on Twitter (as we get going).


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    This happened on Thursday – Nikki and I finally got to chat and see and hear each other! Then Friday hit. Obviously Nikki was able to type this up, but both of us ended up feeling really crappy and so didn’t get much accomplished. However, we are really looking forward to having an honest chat about topics that are near and dear to us, and we hope they are to you too. Feel free to post ideas in the comments section or to send emails to with “Blab Brainstorm” as the subject line.

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