Unique Transplant Studies: Transplant Criteria Biased Against Shorter Patients

Science Daily is fast becoming a go-to for me for interesting perspectives on transplants lately.  There’s always something new I learn. Or I learn more about something I was already aware of.  Their most recent news release being no exception.

I’ve never really considered myself tall or short. Just average.  But it’s interesting to think I have one more thing going for me when it comes to transplant. My height is actually one of them.  Of course, I know height is part of the matching process for lungs to a degree. I also know there are ways to work around it if there is a mismatch, but some of this information on the impact it actually has outside of that was new to me.

It really didn’t cross my mind what a hinderance it might pose for some people. Or that it could be an actual healthcare disparity of sorts in this particular realm.

It did make sense to me why it could be; however, once I read the news release from Columbia on their study (the link to the page where the release is housed also has some additional interesting clips & information. As well as a link to the online journal abstract).




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