FOOD FOR THOUGHT:When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Loving Each Other Better

I’ve shared some of Megan Devine’s work before here in my blog in the past & I absolutely love her approach to dealing with pain & grief in life.

I follow her on Twitter & whenever I’m having a rough time, I scroll through her timeline & can always find something that helps me deal with those tough moments.

This blog post & the video that accompanies is no different.

It’s equally as helpful.

In the video, Megan shares some tangible ways to bear witness to the pain of others we care about in times where we might be tempted to be at a loss or want to try & fix things.

Megan also has some great pieces she’s done for the Huffington Post that are worth a read.

I think her writing is helpful for any facet of grief, whether it’s loss, illness, or anywhere in between. Or for well meaning people who want to show support or care but are at a loss as to how to go about it without firing off platitudes or what they feel might be trite sounding phrases.





6 thoughts on “FOOD FOR THOUGHT:When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Loving Each Other Better

  1. This is exactly right. Navigating through grief is a delicate, deeply personal and sensitive feat. I am an advocate that no feelings, none, are right or wrong and should not be judged in the healing process. People need validation, especially the validation that encourages being open and accepted for it. Thanks for this, I truly think this can help many to help others in a significant way.

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  2. Words aren’t always necessary ….. just being there, silently supporting, that shoulder to lean on ……… sharing tears ……. it is hard, VERY hard!

    Good posts!

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