To Tat or Not to Tat (Part II): There’s Always A Work Around…

So in a previous blog post, I mentioned how I asked my transplant team if I could get a tattoo.

I understood why they told me no but I was disappointed.  Yet as usual, I find my own creative ways around disappointments.

Earlier this week I found a yoga studio about 3 miles from my house who has an artist who does tattoos with henna.

It will be a few days before it properly darkens, but I wanted to show the design after the henna ink had dried (second picture) & after I peeled it away (first picture).

This would be the tat I would get permanently if I could.   It’s a lily with a gemini symbol in the center. It’s symbolic to me for many reasons.

I had a great time with the artist & getting this done. She was around my age & we had a great conversation.   It was a nice birthday treat for myself.

It will last about a week or two then fade away.   But the memory will stay forever.   I’m glad it worked out for me to get it done this week.

I’ll probably come back around the holiday weekend or shortly after to update this post to show how it settles in & sets.


Maybe I’ll make a tradition to get some art done the week of my birthday & the week of my lung birthday for sure.

We’ll see…. but I was so happy I was able to see this design come to life today.

Thank you Jessica for your work of art.

Update 5/31:  Here’s how it changed over the holiday weekend to today (Saturday to Tuesday).  I think this is the very fun & interesting part of henna. 


6 thoughts on “To Tat or Not to Tat (Part II): There’s Always A Work Around…

  1. So fun! I always wanted to get a tattoo on my head, but it’s been cut into so many times that the artwork would have been messed up, plus there’s a real chance that I’d be allergic to the ink. Maybe in our next life, huh? I hope you are enjoying your temporary ink, sister. ❤

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  2. I belong to a great deal of transplant forums and Facebook groups. Tats are, by far, the hottest topic ever ……. I just listen to my team and stay out of the drama. But, your idea is a good compromise.

    And, happy belated birthday!


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    • thanks DAP. I’m really highly susceptible to infection even before transplant — so that’s why I ultimately decided against it. But I’m happy with the henna. No reaction to the skin either. Looks cool too. Maybe not as dramatic as some of the tattoos but still fun & meaningful. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes!


  3. What a creative way to get a tattoo. In addition, you can change the design every time.

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