Words Are Flowing…

I started writing yesterday. Had 971 words come out & hated every one of them. Yet they served a purpose.  For now, I intend to keep them & keep rolling seeing what shakes out of it.  Ugly words & all.

I noticed after all of that came out things seemed more settled, which means those ugly words were necessary.   Maybe they’ll make for some good fiction after all.  Write what you know, isn’t that what the greats say?

I still don’t have a plan for the writing challenge this month & that’s ok by me. It worked out in November, I think it will work out again.

With my writing, I think being spontaneous with it & not planning it is good because it takes me out of my usual comfort zone of routines & plans & makes me think less.  It seems to flow better that way.

I had a hard time disciplining myself to write yesterday but later in the afternoon I felt I wanted to at least get whatever out unprompted.  I like that the writing program I use, Novlr, is simple & no frills. With that if I feel like I’m starting in the middle of something it’s OK, because I can always shift it around easily later if need be.

Some people make suggestions of what they think I should write or be good at writing & while I appreciate that…

Right now, I’m being selfish.  This is for me.

It’s an escape from (as my good friend & blogger buddy, Chelsea, says) the “shit cookie”.

It’s not for others or about getting published right now.  (Though at some point maybe I’ll get there).

Later today I think I’ll do something more unorthodox & take a writing prompt & use it as a springboard. From there I’ll just roll with it & see what pours out.

I’m lucky to have a great group of writers locally I met in November.  I’m hoping to feel good enough Tuesday to detour to Wegman’s for a bit for some feedback on my other project to work out of a little rut with it that I’m having.   I’m hoping I’ll feel up for it. If not, I’ll keep aiming for Tuesdays until it happens. They’re a pretty understanding & supportive crew in that regard.

It feels good to have something else to focus on right now.

It will feel even better if I have the stamina in a bit to play some Fallout 4 today which I’ve taken a break from for a few days to lay low & catch up on a few series I had gotten way behind on.

I’m totally not a gamer, but I like that my friends recommended it to me & what it has done to boost my creativity & fun factor.  I don’t have to be good, I can just play.

I’m used to puzzle & board & card games which are fun, but this is a nice change of pace.

That world in this game is so rich too. It’s really got me thinking of that concept of world-building that writers talk about in a real tangible way (so I think it will only add to what I’m trying to do this month).

The level of detail in that game is pretty damn impressive, but I try not to analyze it too much, just enjoy it for what it is…







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