iPhones & Healthcare…

I promised I would keep politics out of my blog.

I’ll hold to that outside of commenting on recent events about a “witty” sound byte made by a public official about healthcare.

To me, it’s been a nonpartisan issue for years.   I can’t keep my mouth shut any longer.

I had a large post outlining how much the current direction of the GOP “health plan” will set many people back, (including myself) but I just can’t bring myself to put those words out there.

I’ve put them out there before to no avail.

I’m tired of the deaf ear.

I no longer have words or breath to waste.

As someone who has advocated on both sides of the aisle for several years, both in-person & letter writing,  even I’ve become completely disillusioned with our government as of late. I hate to say it.  I’ve really had it.

As a journalism student I’ve long been lamenting the corporatist approach to the news & the death of “old school” values like objectivity, but even now the alternative outlets (though the reporting is much better) is just too much to handle right now.

I turn it on & I’m sickened on every channel at what I see & how I see our “elected representatives” behaving.

How callous & out of touch they are with many issues, not just healthcare.

I’m tired, too tired. Too stressed by it.

I’m much healthier & happier with the TV off, or at least the news.

My health being the priority now, I’m focusing on that.

I did advocacy for years.  I’m not giving up on that just taking a rest to heal myself.  It was a hard choice but a necessary one.

It’s the first time in at least 10 years I haven’t sent an appeal or asked for a meeting.

I do have some news for Rep. Chaffetz & his recent assumptions.

In case he hasn’t noticed, iPhones are a multipurpose tool.

They aren’t just a phone.

For me, my thermometer, blood pressure cuff, & glucometer all run through it. It’s also an alarm clock, a med alarm. For me, my phone is a lifeline that helps keep me healthy.

I only have an iPhone 6, nothing fancy.

In fact, it’s now considered old.

I have issues with The Mighty sometimes, but this article I thought was very interesting to ponder.

Transplant isn’t listed, nor are my rare diseases, but they rival or beat the 80 iPhones for Cancer.  I also have chronic kidney disease so that’s another 10 added.  I at least lost the 5 iPhones for asthma.

90 iPhones would be a wasteful extravagance for me.

Then again, I’m not a career politician relying on corporate money (of which that might seem a drop in the bucket as far as donations go) so perhaps it just seems excessive to me.

My iPhone has held up better than most of my other past phones. It’s an investment on top of being a lifeline.

But we do have choices (he was right about that).   One of those is who we elect in mid-term elections.  That goes for both sides of the aisle.

Maybe before he speaks on something he knows nothing about (especially since he can afford a Rolls Royce plan that is at least in part bankrolled by taxpayers) maybe he should opt in to a current plan that is close to a GOP plan, pay on it himself, & test drive it for a few years & see how he fares.

A girl can dream, can’t she?




3 thoughts on “iPhones & Healthcare…

  1. I got the joking “Did you hear you have to give up your [non-existent] iPhone?” comment again yesterday. My phone, 2 years old and not an iPhone, is still my lifeline. It’s my basic stash of medical records when I go to all of my specialists and we try to figure out what it is that I have (still), and it’s how the transportation companies keep in touch with me to get me to and from appointments. My cousin, who has Asperger’s, PTSD and anxiety, and is homeless right now and staying on the various couches of friends, sometimes doesn’t have a working phone, which means it’s even harder for her to be consistently reached when the housing authority is trying to place her either temporarily or permanently. Sometimes the things we own of value we purchased when we had income; sometimes things have been given to us by other family and friends. It’s exhausting to be shamed all of the time for being sick.

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    • agreed. Some people also invest what little they do have into a good phone for exactly these reasons. They shouldn’t be shamed either. And regardless iphones or not phones are multipurpose tools these days & something worth having when it comes to tracking health records or a multitude of other things. I agree with you, the shaming & assumptions need to stop.

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