Free At Last

I think it’s fitting that my local oxygen supplier called me this morning to arrange for a pick-up of my oxygen on Rare Disease Day.

I had 28 tanks, a cart with a backup tank & a concentrator for them to pick up.  Before my transplant I was going through at least a dozen tanks a week, sometimes more.

I still have one concentrator (I needed two but couldn’t get one from them) & my double cart left over.

I at least get the rest out of my room & out of the house.

My delivery guy remembered me & was happy to see it was a pick-up for me not needing it anymore.  He was genuinely relieved.

Maybe next year, I’ll be stomping the Hill again to try to persuade Congress to back medical research in my illnesses.  Couldn’t quite swing it this year yet.

It is a relief to me to be free of the tether….




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