Rare Transplant Procedure At Stanford Hospital Saves Two Women’s Lives

The past few days I had been doing a bit of post-transplant homework on a device I’ll need to monitor my lung function after.   That’s a whole ball of wax I’ll post about in awhile. After I was done recording an episode for a podcast & talking about some of the interesting advances that had been made in transplant recently, this story happened upon my feed & I felt compelled to share.

I thought it was touching & interesting way to show how transplantation is getting creative & avoiding organs going to waste.

I’d never heard of a domino transplant, but the concept makes sense.

Take one slightly less than perfect but functional heart that was slightly compressed by deteriorating lungs & give that to a willing recipient waiting for a heart; & then take a deceased heart & lung from a donor & put those both into the woman needing double lungs.  Two people who had been waiting for a chance for a long time took a risk & it paid off.

I’m happy for both of them.  What an incredible story!   Something a little different than your traditional exchange or living donor situation that we typically hear about, but equally important & life-saving.





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