OrganLand:Will It Be Built Someday?

My blogger & tweetchat buddy, CancerGeek, (Andy D.) was showing me this cool slide at a community center near him.

heart slide

I saw the heart slide & I immediately told Andy that I wanted to go play as I’m just an overstuffed kid in an adult body.

I thought, “Wow!  What a cool way to expose little kids to science.”

I had my own organs to contribute to expand this little play area & had an engaging little twitter exchange with him yesterday afternoon.  Very fun conversation.

My first brainstorm was a jungle gym in the shape of lungs.

Then I came up with a tornado slide shaped like intestines.

I proceeded to envision a swing set with the swing buckets shaped like kidneys, (Who knows, maybe the base of the swing could actually be the bladder too.) a merry-go-round with the handles as hair follicles & the skin as the base.

I then thought of monkey bars that look like the spine (vertebrae as the bars).

There are probably other things that could go into building “Organland”.

Then one of our Twitter buddies joined in the fun coining that name & then talking concessions which led to further brainstorming.

I would prefer tasty things like cotton candy in the shape of the appendix & lemonade.

Adults could feast on rocky mountain oysters (which is an actual organ for those who don’t already know), kidney pie, & tripe while they waited for the kiddos or if they wanted something different.

Though I’d see to it there were a few other tasty things other than the kind of grosser delicacies like the above.

Maybe the hot dogs could be cut to look like a trachea (windpipe).

You could have a stomach shaped container for nachos.

I’m sure I could brainstorm as many concessions to serve as I did the playground pieces.

It’s fun to think about these things from time-to-time, just for fun.

Seriously, I would hope that someone would build something like that for kids because I think it could be very educational & fun way to learn about different organs of our body & how they work.

Also might even be a way to somehow work in promotion of organ donation.

Here’s a great idea for someone to run with.

Might be a fun idea for a rec area of a children’s hospital (if nothing else).




2 thoughts on “OrganLand:Will It Be Built Someday?

  1. Seems to me this concept should have been picked up long ago, but since it hasn’t, your name(s) can be all over it. I vote yes! So many people are unaware of the location and function of systems within their bodies.

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