Updated LAM Treatment Guidelines

In case it was missed by a few of us (when it happened), the American Thoracic Society (ATS) & The Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS) along with an ad hoc committee of experts, updated guidelines in LAM treatment in May 2016.

The new guidelines can be found here.

For my women with both TSC-LAM & sporadic LAM I encourage you to provide a copy to your doctor or email them the link if they aren’t aware it has been updated & you receive treatment outside a LAM Clinic.

Just because of past experience working at Medscape,  I know pulmonologists & other doctors often have their hands full sometimes keeping up-to-date with these changes with everything else they are managing.  It can’t hurt to remind them, to be sure your testing & surveillance is current.

Also, it was announced at LAMposium, that the Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) wikipedia page was given a major face lift with more current & up-to-date information, which is a good thing, since it needed it for quite some time.

(Image credit: NIH)





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