Dallas Morning News: Dark Comedy, ‘Under The Skin,’ Gets You Laughing About Organ Donation. Really.

One thing I appreciate about my fellow improv performers is most of them do know how to politely poke at what could be uncomfortable subjects in a humorous way.

I know stand up comedians who do this well too & I have a lot of respect for those in comedy who have this gift.

In fact, I respect any form of arts or theatre that take on not often talked about subjects.

I’ve always been one for somewhat dark & sardonic type of joking & have a wry & skewed sense of humor at times.

So I totally understand what “Under the Skin” is going for.

I think it’s great.  So often there’s so much judgement as to who does or doesn’t deserve an organ, especially when most of the general public doesn’t know much about the process itself.

People on social media (especially trolls) make tasteless & tactless jokes about it but they aren’t really joking. They usually using people like Dick Cheney or others they don’t approve of that have gotten transplants as foils & set ups for those comments.

But they also use them as a prime excuse to not donate since they don’t get to hand pick who their organs go to & don’t want them going to a less-than-perfect person.

But I often wonder how less-than-perfect those people are themselves.

I’m not Dick Cheney but I’m not a perfect person either.

Yet I do think I am worthy of receiving lungs (and in the future a kidney if my situation should warrant it).

But this is a different approach.

I think the aim here is to humanize the people & the process.  I think that does quite a bit to breakdown these stereotypes, myths, & misconceptions & that’s a good thing.

If any of my followers or friends happen to be in the Fort Worth area I’d encourage you to check it out & let me know your thoughts.

I think it’s great they reached out to LifeGift, recipients & donors, & recognized them to make them feel like an involved part of this comedic process & show respect for the transplantation process.

Here’s the link to Circle Theatre, where you can purchase tickets & read more about the production, cast & other important press & information.






2 thoughts on “Dallas Morning News: Dark Comedy, ‘Under The Skin,’ Gets You Laughing About Organ Donation. Really.

  1. It’s a way of getting organ donation talked about, so it must be a good thing 🙂

    Ps. I made my own organ donation card and carry it in my purse. My nearest and dearest know about it.

    All the best 🐻 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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