Man Donates Kidney After Finding Misplaced Craigslist Ad

Now this is a cool story.  One of my friends had posted it late last month, but I just remembered seeing it the other day.   In a way, it was interesting timing as one of my friends was in a local improv show where they were improving scenes based on Craigslist ads.  The most recent show was Thanksgiving evening & I think it was that night that I saw the news clip in my feed.

But this story speaks for itself.  It means more to me that it happened at my center.

I’m sincerely happy for woman receiving the kidney too, she has had quite the journey. To me & several others, living donors are heroes.

I commend the man who donated. He was selfless but could relate to the situation since he had a wife die after waiting for a transplant & having her organs (kidney & pancreas) reject in 2011. Despite his own personal pain, he stepped up for a stranger.  Amazing!



Sad update: 12/7: The transplant did not happen. Please read more here. 


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