Fasting Sucks!

I’m writing this to avoid feeling hungry.  I have bloodwork & a barium swallow so that means no real food until this afternoon.  Which even if you’re not big on breakfast (though I usually am to some degree even if it’s just Cheerios & almond milk), the moment you’re told you can’t have something you want it more.  This morning is one of those cases.

I’ll live (of course). But today I start the real gauntlet. When I get poked & prodded by vampires (lab techs), made to drink all kinds of interesting goo, & then map out a financial strategy.  Yesterday was long, but somewhat relatively easy, I mainly just met more members of my team or updated ones I already had contact with & then attended an informational session.

Today comes the bulk of the imaging tests.   I’m sure I’ll have more to say after I meet with my financial coordinator & some members of my team of how much money I’ll have to fundraise to make this a reality…but right now all I can of course think about how good a coffee, banana, & cereal sound…and how far off noontime is.

I am out of practice. I used to be able to do this kind of thing 3 days straight without as much as batting an eye.  But I’ll be suited up as soon as I hit that shuttle at 7 to head over & do another day of jumping through the necessary, but all too tedious, healthcare hoops.

I can say however, I impressed myself with all the prep work I did ahead of time. My questions I laid out for yesterday I remembered to ask & all got answered.  I felt much less “jittery” than I had anticipated I might be on Day One.  But then again it pays to have a partner-in-crime that keeps me honest & is on-point.   I’m really glad I didn’t have to do this alone, & can see why they don’t let anyone do this by themselves.  It’s too intense & exhausting.

I’m lucky I have a great NP that can kick some butt for me too when my “squeaky wheel” tactics fail to get me where I need to be when I need to be on time or are sweetly blown off & dismissed by staff when I assertively remind them I could be potentially be late to some place I need to be. Especially in a room that is not there in front them or even on the same floor.  In my head my 20 minute (Type A warning) alarm bells are blasting. (I have to build in that extra 5 minutes since I move a bit more slowly these days & cart around a little more with me than I used to. Somedays I do feel a bit like a pack mule.)


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