Good Times In Spite of Crap Weather…

It was still cold & rainy today (5/1), but my body seemed to tolerate it a little better than yesterday.

Maybe because it actually rained instead of just sitting there with whatever front or pressure had just been building.

I had some pain today but it was intermittent & bearable.

It did not get in the way of me getting out of the house to enjoy my weekend.

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Most days, I’m ok with this wait.   I have days too that I secretly wish for the call not to come on particular days for selfish reasons.  Yet, I’m ready for that to happen.  Well, part of me is…  Continue reading

Seeking Out Human Contact…

I keep a pretty tight circle, but generally have to say I know some pretty damn good people. Some better than others.   I like having different layers to my friendship matrix. I know that sounds a bit off, but it works for me.

But those I let into my life that have stuck around really do have their qualities that I appreciate.

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Johns Hopkins Performs World’s First HIV-To-HIV Organ Transplant

The HOPE Act was a big move in reversing the stance of disqualifying donors & patients alike because of HIV Status.  The passage of this act in 2013, led to changes & developing safeguards for transplants in the HIV population.
“Before this act at least 500-600 lives were lost per year because both donors & patients were disqualified from organ transplantation. ” (A statistic taken from this article.)

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I guess I find out what happens when you report an illness while you’re listed. No sooner than an hour after yesterday’s post did I come down with a wicked bug.  I rarely run a fever, but I had that & more.  I’ll spare you the other unpleasantness.

But of course this means I have to cancel my appointment for that meeting today.  Which probably means putting off the high risk calls for another month or whenever I can get that lecture rescheduled for.

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Why Are The Majority of Microspirometers NOT Smart But Expensive?

As I was searching the commonwealth, er…I mean web… on Saturday I ended up venting a bit to a blogger buddy of mine (who also happens to be a doctor) about the price of a piece of medical equipment.

If only I could craft one like you can items in Fallout 4, I’d be in business.  I could charge half of the going rate for these things & still make a killing in caps, er…I mean money.

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Smart Blood Pressure Comparison: iHealth Ease Vs. Accutension

First off, please allow me to say that I really greatly value a company that interacts with their users & works to be communicative.  Junfeng Zhao of Accuntension has been nothing but a wonderfully customer oriented & involved founder & I sincerely appreciate that.

There was a bit of a learning curve with this device for me.

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News Article: Should You Accept a ‘Compromised Organ’ for Transplant?

It’s funny, I found this US News & World Report article in my feed recently.  The timing is uncannily perfect because my doctor & nurse practitioner were giving me the cliff notes version of this discussion in my last appointment.  Which I’ll have in full in a meeting on 23rd of this month when I sign surgical consents & the center will discuss such instances with me to find out what organs I feel comfortable accepting.

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Review: PillSuite System

I had always wanted to try PillPack, but wasn’t sure that my insurance would allow me to use them.  They say they accept Aetna, but then I also have to wait in the mail for my meds to arrive, which I’m not always willing to do if I’m running low or they’re expensive.

I think I found a do-it-yourself alternative that I like.  Even though it takes a little time to use,  it’s actually not that bad.
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