The Call May Come Sooner After Tomorrow

I’m not jumping at every phone ring anymore, but I still get panicky at every Pennsylvania area code.  The other day my phone rang once then hung up which did make me a little nervous at first.  I immediately did a reverse look up of the number & it turns out it was a sales call. More proof that the Do Not Call list is not very effective.

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New Year, New Lungs?

I had my latest transplant team appointment yesterday. I am always nervous as hell before them because I can never anticipate what’s really going to happen.  I also dread the pulmonary function testing (PFT) because it has become a necessary evil more often than I’d like (which I understand), but it takes a bit more out of me each time.

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The Power of Dreams

I’ve been telling some friends about a dream I’ve had recently.  I admit I don’t normally share things like this for a couple reasons.  The prime reason being I don’t dream a lot to begin with. (Doesn’t mean I don’t have hopes & dreams).  When I do dream, I don’t typically remember them afterwards whole or in part. I also know that some people have strange reactions to more spiritual subjects like this. Continue reading