Virtual Visits Are In My Area! Finally!

Virtual visits have finally arrived to one of my local health systems.  They serve both people with & without insurance & the visits are $49.  This might be a good way for me to check on things if it is after hours or on a weekend.  I’m actually excited to see this.

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Other “Smart” & “Not So Smart” Ideas

I bit the bullet with some Christmas money & upgraded my Apple TV.

Just for kicks, I tried 3 of the few free 7 minute workouts (in the app store) today & they kicked my butt.  I thought it was a nice change of pace since I didn’t feel like going out today.  I can tell they worked because my noodle arms are sore (but not too sore, just worked).

My life is becoming increasingly “digi-fied” but I am loving it, actually.

I’ve even given gifts like this a few times, to rave reviews from recipients.  I admit it, I’m a proud tech junkie.

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Drink More Water!

Speaking of health, I noticed I have inherited my grandma’s (mom’s mom) distaste for drinking plain water.  I had been doing better about drinking plain water more often (& still do better than I did in the past) but I tend to go in streaks.  Overall, I still probably drink less than I should.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to attempt to drink more water.  This in addition to spending less time on social media during the holidays are the only resolutions I am making.

So far I’ve kept the second. The first… not so much, yet.

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Smart Blood Pressure & Glucose Monitoring

I recently found out my Mobicuff is STILL is in development. I did the pre-order back in April.  It’s a smart phone enabled blood pressure kit.

I know sometimes these devices take time to enhance & develop but admittedly I was a bit frustrated with the reply I did receive back from Safe Heart customer service after I followed up.  They didn’t have a target date for me to receive it.  I’d rather they take their time & get it right but I wish they’d be more forthcoming with email status updates to people who did place pre-orders some time ago.

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Worthwhile IndieGoGo for “Lungies”

I recently found a great Kickstarter project called Dr. Poket for medication management & I did this blog post about it.  But one of my support group friends/Gift of Life stay buddies posted about this IndieGoGo project the same day (on Facebook) I found this company. The company’s  product account also connected with me on Twitter that same morning.  I was very excited about this device too because one thing that will never go away for me – either now, or after my lung transplant – is the need to measure my lung function on a regular basis…

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Feeding My Inner (Digital) Geek Helps Me Stay Healthier

I admit it, I’m a hardcore digital & app geek. Probably equally or more so than I am a healthcare geek.  My iPhone is literally another arm. But there are valid reasons for that given everything I need to keep up with.

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Doctor MIA? Insurance Issues? Maybe the Answer Lies In “Uber”-Style Medicine?

I know laying out this “business side of medicine” seems a trite & boring discussion that no one should care about. But it’s anything but that.  This is something everyone, whether they have chronic illness, rare diseases, or not can relate to & I’m sure find equally frustrating when it’s happened.  How many of us have called to book an appointment with their primary care doctor or specialist & been told (less than nicely, I might add), “Dr. X is no longer with the practice”. Or “Dr. X no longer takes (insert name) insurance.”

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