Patreon Account

I’m finally launching a Patreon account.

I’ve left Facebook and Twitter because of the caustic environment in both. I will probably unlink my Instagram account from Facebook. Still, I’m on hiatus from all social media accounts for a few months to reduce my stress and because I’m busy with summer school courses in my grad program.

I’ve been tinkering and toying with doing a Patreon seriously since my birthday, and I need more content, but I finally feel ready to start with the post that I authored initially, which is still timely.

I will try to keep this blog going because I do have updates to share, but I’m not quite ready to share them just yet.   I might discontinue this blog again if the Patreon takes off, and I need a break from talking about my own health.

I’m hoping that moving to a small subscription-based account will also keep negative people away and boost my creativity. I hope it will provide a buffer from many random friends of friends on social media accounts and some of their caustic comments and views on current events that do affect me.

Sign up here

I’ve kept the cost to a minimum but enough that it will make me do something each week, hopefully.




Journey To Now

I honestly forgot about this event until last night when I received a reminder email & updated agenda.  My local hospital was having a one-day symposium at a nearby campus & a few months ago had asked me to be part of a roundtable about lung transplant.   It finally hit me last night that we are at the end of the month.

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Draft of FDA Testimony

Representing the TS Alliance & The LAM Foundation both when it counts in research & behind the scenes has been something I have championed for a very long time as my health has allowed.

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Rant: Can We Just Fast Forward Past Next Week?

I won’t discuss politics here because quite honestly I can’t stand the trolling this cycle. I don’t want trolls of any ilk invading my blog.

I thought the last two cycles were bad, but it seemingly gets worse & worse.

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TOUGH CALLS: In the Workplace – To Disclose Or Not To Disclose A Disability?

This is an issue I continue to struggle with even having discourse about.  How much of my reality/health status do I discuss with my employer & or colleagues? Do I disclose anything & when? If I’m looking for a job when do I bring the subject up?  I came across this article. That’s what triggered these thoughts; even now, when I’m not working, because I remember those days all too well.  They weren’t that long ago.

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Struck In The Face With Ableism

I want to thank David M. Perry for calling my attention to something distressing last night.  It both sickened & shocked me, but then really as much as it “ground my gears” also had me examining my own thoughts & attitudes towards the two rare diseases I’ve been living with for so long.

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Rebuttal: Why We Can Stop Government Funding Of Science: It Doesn’t Create Much Innovation/The Myth of Basic Science

Most of the time I pride myself on not having knee jerk reactions when I see things I don’t agree with. However, yesterday was different.  I couldn’t help but have an initial one to a particular tweet & the articles within it.  Yet, I knew that wasn’t the proper way to get my point across, so….here I am…working on a formal rebuttal just for a weekend kick & change of pace.  Tangible, yet endeavoring to set my own emotion aside until the final strike about what triggered such a reaction.

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Empowerment When It Counts

Today is a day where I woke up not feeling well. My energy was off.  But yet, I still got up & did something with my morning. As Ronda Rousey says, “I’m not a DNB (Do Nothing Bitch)!” I think I need to buy one of her shirts & wear it for inspiration on days like today. (Though I admit, my interpretation of being a DNB might differ from others. I’m totally picking up what Ronda’s putting down with it at it’s core, however).

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