Quick Poll: Quarantine & Bloodwork

I’m conducting an informal poll to find out how many of my followers/readers/bloggers who require monthly labs have had to postpone their labs for a month or more.  This poll will run for a week.  Depending on the results, I might do another survey to dive down even more deeply. 



One thought on “Quick Poll: Quarantine & Bloodwork

  1. I’ve been keeping score from transplant friends that have contacted me about labs. So far, 10 of 12 went when scheduled, with all precautions. One skipped one month then went, the other has skipped 2+ months.

    Interestingly,19 out of 20 times I’ve gone for labs there have been zero med changes. However, this time my cyclosporine level was a tad higher than where they want me, so they reduced my Gengraf a tiny bit. Even after 13 years, you never know.

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