Now I’ve Really Seen It All…

I was surfing through my WordPress catching up on some blogs today (Tuesday).  I came across an item from Quartz that pointed to this article.

I really did go to the Bible Emoji Twitter handle to see if it was for real.  This lead me to the Apple Store.

I am not paying $2.99 but something does have me curious about an Emoji translation of the one of the Holy Books.   Will there be others after The Bible perhaps?

I’m spiritual but not religious.  (I was raised Lutheran but am UU.)  I did find this translation (what little I saw in tweets & screenshots) amusing.  I get the idea behind it & am not mad at it.

[I do have a Rainbow Study Bible I got several years ago that’s really fun to look at occasionally & if I’m searching for a particular passage or theme it definitely makes it easier to locate.]



6 thoughts on “Now I’ve Really Seen It All…

  1. Hehe. they say it’s to make the bible seem less lengthy and unwieldy – and more relatable. personally I think this is an attempt at a next generation picture book 🙂

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  2. As with all bizarre Christian things, I send them to my clergy member sister via Facebook, wait 3 months and then demand to know why she hasn’t integrated it into her services

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  3. Books in texting & emoji format is part of every day life for those who did grow up with a cell phone semi-attached to hand. But even if not the plasticity of the brain allows us to adapt to new means of communicating.

    If done well emoji (symbols) could become an international way to communicate. I believe this was the goal of those that work with people that speak different languages.

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