VIDEO: How The National Transplant Waiting List Works (From UNOS)

UNOS had this excellent video posted to their Facebook page last month.

I think it makes a very straightforward & practical explanation of the list & how it works in a way people can relate to.

I know I struggle to really boil it down to people in a way that’s easy to grasp, so I am so glad they posted this video to their social media page & hope they will add it sometime soon to their website.

(Photo credit:  UNOS Facebook page profile image)


Zika Virus: Potential Threat to Transplant Patients?

I admit usually I’ve been tone deaf when it comes to virus threats because I feel the media blows them out of proportion.  Working at WebMD (Medscape) for years I saw too many viruses overhyped resulting in chicken little syndrome.

But I do listen when UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) takes a stance on a virus, because it could possibly be a threat to me (even if I don’t meet the media standard criteria of being at risk).

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Weighing in On Transplant & Donation Policy: Public Voice Does Matter!

One of the things I learned from my local support group is one thing that UNOS (The United Network for Organ Sharing) really does well is to ask the public to weigh in on proposed policy changes in both the transplant & donor sectors.

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Encouraging News Regarding Organ Donation & Transplants

An article published today in USA Today was welcome news for me to read. The latest statistics from UNOS are also really encouraging.  I think we’re finally starting to see some small dent in the donor shortage.

More people needing transplants are receiving them, & we are obtaining more donors.   We are also closing some gaps in ethnic disparities in transplants, too.

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Internet Trolling Is Everywhere…Even in Transplant World

Normally, I read comments on articles for comedic value & can roll with the punches. Even punches from someone who clearly has no clue what they’re talking about.  However, this weekend I was rubbed the wrong way & maybe it’s the rawness of what I’ve been through the past few months that triggered it.

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