An Incredibly Moving Day (Part 1)

This morning, I was excited to resume one of my regular routines.  That routine was my early-ish Sunday morning brunch with a few friends. That all started awhile ago, when I noticed a Facebook friend, who I know was a patron of various arts (like myself) lived closed to me & was a total foodie.  She knew all these spots I had no clue were even around.  She extended an open invitation to one of them; and the rest is history. We became fast friends.

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Changes to Lung Transplant Scoring – Will It Impact Me?

This may or may not pertain to my situation, I don’t think ultimately it will. Yet, the more successful attempts & changes to level the playing field in scoring for transplant, all the better. So maybe indirectly, rather than directly.

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I’m Not Asleep…But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Awake

I wish I could take credit for that anonymous quote and the quote on the blog image. They both seem fitting right now. Sleep is something I’m getting more erratically these days. I know it may be just a larger short-term issue right now as I’m trying to develop new routines. But I find it’s annoying to finally fall asleep later at night and then be up right away at 6am.  I can be a morning person when I have to be, but it’s not a natural thing for me. Without my morning coffee or shot of caffeine, forget about it.

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