Using Professional Skills To Fight Personal Bureaucratic Headaches

For those who weren’t already aware, I was hit head-on by another vehicle on October 8th & just arrived back home yesterday.  My blog archive details some of the unique challenges presented to my lungs as a result. (Though I know I am lucky to be alive & am; I’m also truly thankful I did not need vast surgeries or invasive treatments or sustain more serious injuries).  I arrived home yesterday finally clear of most pressing & concerning complications.  Getting my life back to normal was welcome, but inevitably it was also tempered with some headaches & hiccups…

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Now For the Boring Bureaucracy

I spoke with my social worker at my transplant center today.  He was very helpful with clarifying a few questions I needed to ask about things I had mulled over recently, including if & when I should start to apply for federal disability.  He recommended that I start my application for Social Security Disability now. Fun, Fun…let the hoop jumping commence.

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Social Security is NOT Just For “Old People”

Sometimes, when an important issue arises, I have to call attention to it. As I inch closer & closer to possibly needing Social Security Disability benefits I get concerned not only over the process & fight I will need to get it, but if it will even be there when I need it? How many of us in the younger generation, (unless we have parents reaching retirement age) really know about Social Security & what it does?  How many of us recognize the urgency & diligence we need to possess to keep it going?  (Let me be clear, this is not a political soapbox posting. This is a bipartisan mess that needs to be sorted out.)

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