Transplant Toys – Trying To End The WaitList

I’ve said before I’m an overstuffed kid.  But I really have a soft spot for companies & nonprofits that raise transplant awareness through toys.

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Leadership Isn’t Always A Straight Line

I may never run for public office, though I am sorely tempted at times.

Recounting past experiences (prior to social media) is a lion’s share of the reason why, I think.

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Action Needed: Insurers Take Aim & Try To End Charitable Financial Assistance For CKD & Dialysis Patients

I don’t really circulate petitions unless I feel they fight a real credible threat to someone else.

When I say I’m in recovery from my job, I’m only half joking about that.

My employer & the self-funded insurance market was a hell of a lot more fair & equitable than most of the major players in the fully insured health insurance sector that most of us are used to dealing with.  There are things I miss about working in it, but definitely others I don’t.

Because we had to report results & answers to multiple entities (employers, insurance network partners, subscribers alike) & had to account for everything, there was more transparency than what most employers get from standard (or fully insured plans).

I see this even my own company insurance.

I learned how the health insurance market works overall over the past 3 or more years (still continue to) & I’m glad I did.

I’ve been in a better position to successfully navigate the bureaucratic end of transplant as it comes up than I would have been without that experience.

There are many things that I don’t agree with but understand about the industry itself.

In fairness, I also didn’t fully grasp what happened behind the scenes (or otherwise) until I was there doing the daily grind & saw it in action myself.

For me, it’s conflicting at times.

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Crowdfunding Research: A New NonProfit Funding Vehicle?

I waited to comment on this campaign until after it was over.  I didn’t want it to color or cloud the novelty & I also wanted an honest evaluation of meeting the outlined expectations & goals.  The TS Alliance works very hard on creating new & innovative ways to fund research. I will always appreciate & champion that.   That said, I do think this is worthy of a larger discussion because certainly other organizations will see this & try & copy or put their own spin on it; which could raise some potential red flags. I’m not “picking on” the organization with these thoughts.  I’m playing devil’s advocate because I know other organizations are certain to see this. They’ll also want to try to replicate it for themselves (like any new idea). They may already be doing that & I’m just not aware of it.

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