Interesting News From Futurism: New Potential Imaging Technique

Yesterday, I didn’t do much.  About the time I was getting ready to go out in the afternoon & then play a little Fallout 4, I had another pain flare hit. This time it wasn’t just the pain & stiffness, it was also the return of pain in my kidney area.

This was something I hadn’t been subject to since 2010.  I was not happy to see it return, but not surprised either since it’s almost been a month now I’ve been off Rapamune. I knew it might sooner or later.

As I was fighting that, I was still trying to be somewhat productive. I was reading articles & watching videos to do background research for the latest Sickadilly chat today on superbugs.

I came across this online magazine on futurism as I was almost ready to call it a night.

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Hey, Aquaman Crystal! Hurry Up & Get Here! It’s Time To End The “Oxygen Racket”

Normally, I might overlook something like this article, but since I found it through HelpHOPELive (who helps manage my transplant fund), I decided to take a look (it came through their Twitter feed).  I’m glad I did, because I know that even though this is not “prime time” yet, it makes me hopeful.   The reason for that is, while I love what oxygen does for me, I loathe it because it is such a “shell game” & pain point both financially & practically. I can’t stand the “politics” & “business” coming in between what people really need when they need it. It’s a true headache & hassle to stay mobile as needs change & usage of this vital life gas increases with advancement of illness.

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It Sounds Almost Too Easy: Print An Organ

I didn’t feel up to a movie or a “regular” TV show on Monday night. I felt like I wanted to watch something to feed my inner science geek.  I was surfing on my Apple TV & remembered as a kid how occasionally I would sit still for NOVA (if the subject was interesting enough).  I was fumbling through the offerings & saw NOVA Science NOW W/Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Since I tend to find Neil’s programs interesting, I thought I’d check out the program, “Can We Life Forever?”.  Even though this program was from 2011 (or 2012), one of the segments had something I’d seen a lot of buzz about recently….3D Bio-printing.

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