Interesting News From Futurism: New Potential Imaging Technique

Yesterday, I didn’t do much.  About the time I was getting ready to go out in the afternoon & then play a little Fallout 4, I had another pain flare hit. This time it wasn’t just the pain & stiffness, it was also the return of pain in my kidney area.

This was something I hadn’t been subject to since 2010.  I was not happy to see it return, but not surprised either since it’s almost been a month now I’ve been off Rapamune. I knew it might sooner or later.

As I was fighting that, I was still trying to be somewhat productive. I was reading articles & watching videos to do background research for the latest Sickadilly chat today on superbugs.

I came across this online magazine on futurism as I was almost ready to call it a night.

(Tangents aren’t always a bad thing). Continue reading