An Incredibly Moving Day (Part 2): A Donor’s Gift

Yesterday, I wrote about the cookie drive my friends in my local community hosted for me to raise money for my transplant fund.  As I was sitting in the room with a nice table of friends who were joining in the celebration, I kept hearing stories from people who I hadn’t met who were so moved by this effort that they reached out, made donations, & offered assistance.   Today, I share with you one of those stories that represents the other side of the gift of life we are given. This comes from our organ & tissue donor families.  I am happy to share these stories because I know donor families are considered heroes to many. Yet, not every recipient has the pleasure of communicating with their donors even if they’d wish to.  I can only hope I will get the chance with my donor family in the future so they know how much I value them. That said, this particular donor family continues to give not only to their recipients families but others several times over…

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Interesting “Jet Pack” Travels

I was wandering the newest supermarket to go up in our area yesterday.  I was perusing the grab & go/hot food sections (just to see what they had) when I heard some one ask me, “Hey, what’s the battery life on that thing?”.   Continue reading

Bloody Hell!

Yesterday was rough. Can’t lie about that.  They save the hardest test for last, I think. If I never have to have that test repeated again I’ll be a happy camper.

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Running the Gauntlet

I realize I am still a touch out of practice from having multi-day testing. It used to be old hat. I’ve had a lot of the same type of testing the past two days before for various research studies over time at places like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) & a few other places.

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Evaluation: Ready Or Not; Here I Come

This HealthDay article really struck a cord when I read it.  It’s not only the kidney population that sometimes has issues with the process of when to refer or list, it’s other organs too.  But it’s compelling food for thought for patients and professionals, as transplantation is a treatment, but not a cure.  They are also costly, but overall may be less costly than other long-term interventions that don’t offer many of the benefits & the possible quality of life improvements that transplants do.  As I was reading that article, certain paragraphs resonated with me, but as much as we try and contribute this to a professional issue of late referrals, I personally believe there’s more to it.

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Outgrowing Resources

This weighs fresh on my mind today. I just received my testing schedule for my lung transplant evaluation on August 17-21.  One of my friends received a transplant at UPENN a few years back (I referred her over to my doctor, after problems she faced at another center). I went to visit her at the Gift of Life Family House & was really impressed with their programs & accommodations. Little  did I know then, that I’d have to utilize these services.  But what if I didn’t have this resource?

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