Grief Landscapes Project

I’m going to let the power of this art project by Mindy Stricke speak for itself.

I know I talk quite a bit about grief, loss, death & dying here in my blog on occasion, but when you’re forced to confront your own mortality at an earlier age it becomes necessary to do so.

It doesn’t make it easy of course, but it’s an important conversation to have with oneself & others.   Continue reading


Survival And The Other Side of the Coin

When I first started talking with my doctor at Penn in late 2010/early 2011 & we had the initial facts & figures talk, it was estimated that the national averages for double lung transplants were around 50-60 percent from what I remember. In addition to that percentage seeming to correlate with data I could find online during that time from reputable sources.  I am going to be honest, some of the initial information was hard pill to swallow & the statistics hard to hear.

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