Drug/Supplement/Herb Interaction Checkers: An Important Resource To Be Aware Of

I am putting this subject in a blog post because I always seem to get quoted about being the one to locate a specific interaction. Or get comments inquiring where I found this information in the first place & how I went about verifying it.

For those of us who take immunosuppressants, whether we are transplant candidates/recipients or not, it’s very handy to have a great drug interaction checker and or a drug/herb interaction checker to see if certain supplements or other drugs are safe to take with our current treatment, whether it be Rapamune (generic name sirolimus), Afinitor (also known as evorolimus), or similar drugs in the same class like Prograf (generic name tacrolimus)…

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Hospital Drug Shortages & Swaps -Potential Care Wrinkle(s)

One or two of my drugs are on the most recent FDA drug shortage list linked in this article.  While this issue is of great concern to me (as it should be), I have found it’s not just drugs on the actual shortage list that I’ve had issues with getting while I’ve been hospitalized for various things over time. It’s been others, too.

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Looking for Needles in Haystacks

KidneyBuzz.com is one of the few sponsored findings I found on Facebook that really had information that appealed & applied to me specifically. It was one of the few sponsored tags I liked on Facebook even if it started as clickbait.

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