EHR’s: Why I Care & Why You Should

“I’m just an average person, in relatively good health…”

“I only go to doctors a few times a year, & I pay out of pocket…”

“This is a boring subject. I don’t see why anyone would care about something so frustrating & mundane.”

“All I know is that it annoys the hell out of my doctors. They don’t make eye contact with me anymore, they’re so buried in their computer or iPad.”

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When Xenophobia Kills

I read this article just now. I don’t even have the right words to put this post together, because I am seeing red. I am devastated for this woman & her family.

I am not a self-loathing Caucasian but I admit when it comes to healthcare I am relieved that I am not subject to certain injustices & stereotypes because of my heritage.  Stories like these really disturb me in a deep way.   This woman was my age so it also hits home a bit harder.

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KevinMD Had It Right: We ARE In The Hunger Games of Healthcare

Another boring “business of healthcare type post?” Really? Yes, really.  While this isn’t specifically related to my previous post, it does affect it. It also may not be specifically transplant related but it also has an impact there. I’m sure  it’s not my only healthcare pet peeve, but a larger one. It’s also one I’m sure that concerns many of us. Maybe it’s an even bigger issue than the few I pointed out in my previous post.  It’s the P “word” – price transparency.  What the heck is it? Why should we care?

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Doctor MIA? Insurance Issues? Maybe the Answer Lies In “Uber”-Style Medicine?

I know laying out this “business side of medicine” seems a trite & boring discussion that no one should care about. But it’s anything but that.  This is something everyone, whether they have chronic illness, rare diseases, or not can relate to & I’m sure find equally frustrating when it’s happened.  How many of us have called to book an appointment with their primary care doctor or specialist & been told (less than nicely, I might add), “Dr. X is no longer with the practice”. Or “Dr. X no longer takes (insert name) insurance.”

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