Lung Transplant Week: American Thoracic Society (ATS) & Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF)

I’ve spoken to the American Thoracic Society (ATS) before, worked with them professionally through Medscape, & on some other nonprofit projects.  I love this organization for several reasons.  One of them being that they circulate so much good information on so many different diseases.

The Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF) Foundation also puts great & accurate information out on their social media outlets.  That’s how I came to find out about them.

I’m glad both organizations put together this joint effort for this week to raise awareness about lung transplants.

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Rare Diseases That Are Often Misdiagnosed As LAM

There are a few diseases that are eerily similar to LAM but are not LAM.   I know firsthand some women who were incorrectly diagnosed with several diseases prior to finding out they have LAM. There were other women who were told by doctors intially they had LAM, but did not in fact have it upon further investigation by clinician-researchers of LAM. It was then discovered that they were incorrectly diagnosed with  LAM.  Why blog about this?

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