When Xenophobia Kills

I read this article just now. I don’t even have the right words to put this post together, because I am seeing red. I am devastated for this woman & her family.

I am not a self-loathing Caucasian but I admit when it comes to healthcare I am relieved that I am not subject to certain injustices & stereotypes because of my heritage.  Stories like these really disturb me in a deep way.   This woman was my age so it also hits home a bit harder.

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Encouraging News Regarding Organ Donation & Transplants

An article published today in USA Today was welcome news for me to read. The latest statistics from UNOS are also really encouraging.  I think we’re finally starting to see some small dent in the donor shortage.

More people needing transplants are receiving them, & we are obtaining more donors.   We are also closing some gaps in ethnic disparities in transplants, too.

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Response: Health Affairs Blog Post: It’s Time For Fairness In Organ Distribution

I don’t know how to feel about this blog post to be quite honest.  I know that the allocation & final rules vary organ to organ, so I can only speak to lungs, not liver.  I wish though, that the Health Affairs Blog would have made that distinction in the title of this post because this clearly only addresses livers. Not other organs in contrast or comparison, so it’s not a wholly balanced discussion.

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