Free At Last

I think it’s fitting that my local oxygen supplier called me this morning to arrange for a pick-up of my oxygen on Rare Disease Day.

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Review: Dario Glucose Meter

One of the things that happened after my lung transplant was that I became diabetic from the high amount of steroids they give us.

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There’s No Place Like Home

I have been away awhile.

Since the last update I did have to go back to the hospital and was there most of January.

Turns out, the rest of my body didn’t like my first set of drugs (cocktail).  I’ll spare all the gory details, but it WAS NOT fun.

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Update – Resume Rehab Monday

I was in the hospital almost a month having my anti -rejection drugs evaluated. The team seemed torn whether I was actually sick with a bug at first with the way it happened or if I was having reactions from the drug cocktail and that in turn caused the agony. I don’t think they found out for sure, except I tested clean for anything that was going around as far as bugs.

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