Week 2 Post Transplant Rehab Done

I thought these holidays would take me out.  I had 3 days in a row at the hospital this week & will next week.   But I did ok.   I can do a bit more each day.

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Salute to my Old Lungs

I wrote this poem a few months ago. It just came to me in the night during a tough night during the wait. I even think it might have been a few days after my first dry run in July.

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Week 1 Post Transplant Rehab Complete

I completed my first week of post transplant rehab.   I did a mile on the treadmill in about 25 minutes which I wasn’t sure I’d be moving at that great a clip so soon. So that was a pleasant surprise.

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Just a short entry for those who have been following my blog but haven’t heard.  I received my double lung transplant on December 2nd.  I was released from the hospital on December 13th.

I am quiet because I’m adjusting to new meds & new routines & I tire easily.  I had my first outpatient rehab session Thursday the 15th to get tested & baselines for starting next week.

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Transplant Toys – Trying To End The WaitList

I’ve said before I’m an overstuffed kid.  But I really have a soft spot for companies & nonprofits that raise transplant awareness through toys.

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