From NHS Trust: Transplant Patient Comes Face To Face With His Old Heart

This article really struck a cord as I read it.   It reminds me of the reasons why I filled out a consent form to donate my old lungs to LAM research & also at least get tested to see if any of my other organs or tissues could be donated to someone who needed them.

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HB30: PA Organ Donation Advocates Band Together To Support Lifesaving Legislation

The last time I heard about this issue, I bugged my state representatives about this  important piece of legislation that affects organ donation here in PA.

I see I will be doing more of the same soon as help is needed again.

In trying to make sure HB 30 passes,  so much good information has been circulating as to how critical this bill really is. (Moreso than I initially heard about).

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Aches & Pains Not From LAM/TSC

When this posts it will mark the anniversary of a scary moment where I thought my  transplant listing would be completely derailed.

On the 8th, a year ago, I was in a very serious car accident that could have ended my life.  I remember that time because I fought so hard to recover & it was excruciatingly difficult.  I was hit head on by a reckless driver as I was going to exercise.

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Working It All Out…

My pulmonary rehab at my local hospital is twice a week. Those sessions are around an hour or hour & half.  I recently asked permission to get some extra time in somewhere.  I heard them talk about the fitness center at my local hospital.

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Knocking Wood Helped Today…

My appointment today went much better than my last, thankfully.

I believe because things settled down & I didn’t have a bunch of excess outside stress with other things like oxygen & rapamune fill issues (finding out I needed to move to specialty pharmacy when I was low on my rapamune refill with not much notice last time also happened last appointment) I was in a much better mood.

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REPOST: How Nice, She Included A Map

I was completely irked when I read my partner-in-crime’s post the night she put it up.

I happened to be catching up on WordPress & always make time to catch up on her blog since she was one of my first friends I made blogging.

She has become a great friend since.

But this post had me fuming for her.

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Fear of the Unknown

Recently, I found another LAM sister came to my center to dual list after essentially getting the run around from another center in NY.  I refuse to name this center but have often butted heads with on how they manage women with my disease.

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Movie Review: Kidneys On Ice

I know organ trafficking is a huge issue in some countries.   I don’t comment on it on my blog because it’s a tough situation.

I can understand why some patients would undertake the risk because of the massive shortage of organs.

So I was expecting this documentary to be grim & even possibly somewhat sensationalistic from the description.  That could not be farther from the truth.

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