Important Article: Misinformation From Brain Death Stories Impacts Organ Donation.

This article may just be for journalism nerds like me…but I’m glad Donate Life California passed this along.

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An Honest To Goodness Vent

Today was the day I got my MRI (or should I say MRA) of my abdomen to check on my kidneys.   I have one every year to be sure everything is on the up and up. My nephrologist did what he could to have them abbreviate the test because the breathing cues & laying flat for so long take it out of me.  Especially now being between 6-8 liters of oxygen for everything I do.

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HuffPo Blog: When the Time Comes, Could You Let Go & Die?

I have a very good feeling about my transplant & my ability to recover & squeeze some more time out of my life.  That said I’m not naive,  I know even the strongest have had blood clots post transplant, or factors beyond their control happen that changed the outcome.  This is also not my first dance with that ever blurry line between living & dying.

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Article: ‘Gift Certificate’ Concept Enables Kidney Donation, Transplant When Needed

This innovative program by UCLA is a step in the right direction for organs that can be donated through a living donor.

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Reblog: You’re Only Allowed To Die With A Smile On Your Face

I often talk about pragmatism & realism in the face of being critically ill.   I know even with my strong will, there’s the potential for post transplant complications beyond my control to intervene & take hold & cut my life short.

This doesn’t mean I go around thinking about death all the time.

(I’m not afraid to talk about it either.)

But I must consider the fact of my mortality now, period. Especially in the wake of what I’m facing.

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Article: Scientists Develop Painless & Inexpensive Microneedle System To Monitor Drugs

As a human pin cushion for several years now, I fully support this advance highlighted in Eureka Alert.

It’s about time something like this came into development (actually).

Hopefully, it will make its way to the United States soon.


What A Week!

So my local lung doc busted butt at my appointment on Friday & got my transfer with my previous supplier (before the debacle of this one that cut me off) reinstated.

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