Life-Hacking Oxygen (Part 4)

Now that I’m back to using oxygen tanks/bottles,  I have to plan things a bit more carefully.

I’m lucky that I don’t have to rely solely on e-tanks (the largest size tank), for short trips to the store, going out with friends, & walking around I can get by with a smaller size tank called a D tank if I choose.

The problem is it’s still a bit heavy to be “backpacked” (like I used to do with my M6 bottles when I first went on oxygen).

Yet, I still found a solution (after searching online) because I hate the sling bags the suppliers provide as a carrier for these tanks.

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Book Review: This Old Heart of Mine

I had very high hopes for this book.   Like “Pieces of Me” this book had a very interesting premise, along with high praise & positive reviews on both Goodreads & Amazon.

I made it next on my list because I was so impressed by the thought & research that went into “Pieces of Me” that I decided I wanted to read more transplant & organ donation oriented stories in other genres in fiction.  I wanted to see how some of these stories compared to some of the nonfiction stories as far as realism or compelling storytelling.  Plus I wanted to try transplant & organ donation as a theme in different genres & settings as an exploration as to what I walk away with versus someone who may know little to nothing. Or may be a friend or know someone with a transplant.

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High 5’s for Teamwork!

I had a productive check-up yesterday.

Later in the month I’ll explain why my appointment was so long.

But so much good came out of it, I’m feeling so much better about things.

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