On the Radar…

When they told us an OR time (for my dry run) of 10PM, it was about 3pm or after. (I don’t remember exactly, maybe it was even after 5pm at this point because the day was a blur.)   I did a little walking around, said hello to the lung transplant doc on the floor.  After I took a few spins around the unit (I was a little tired)  I sat back in bed & decided to entertain myself while my bestie was over at one of the transplant houses checking in and unloading.

Seriously, lung patients do get a bit hobo-ish.  Especially on the weekend. I had my regular transplant/rehab bags packed since March, just so they wouldn’t be forgotten, but we had a boatload of oxygen,  the concentrator, tubing, & a few other things.

In the event of a dry run, we didn’t take any chances.  Especially on a holiday weekend.

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