WorldWide LAM Awareness Day

I have had LAM for over 12 years now. I can say I love my lungs but hate what this disease does to them.

For awhile, that distinction was hard to draw. I resented my lung disease as much or more as I resented my lungs not being able to keep up.  But that was errant thinking.  The fact that they lasted over 12 years & that they keep fighting now even as I wait for new lungs amazes me. I didn’t give them enough credit for their resilience & ability to keep going no matter how tough & intense the fight.

I know the women in this video. They are but a few of the many friends I have made on my journey with this disease.

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Now I’ve Really Seen It All…

I was surfing through my WordPress catching up on some blogs today (Tuesday).  I came across an item from Quartz that pointed to this article.

I really did go to the Bible Emoji Twitter handle to see if it was for real.  This lead me to the Apple Store.

I am not paying $2.99 but something does have me curious about an Emoji translation of the one of the Holy Books.   Will there be others after The Bible perhaps?

I’m spiritual but not religious.  (I was raised Lutheran but am UU.)  I did find this translation (what little I saw in tweets & screenshots) amusing.  I get the idea behind it & am not mad at it.

[I do have a Rainbow Study Bible I got several years ago that’s really fun to look at occasionally & if I’m searching for a particular passage or theme it definitely makes it easier to locate.]