2Breathe System – Sleep Help Is Here…

I have pretty much tried everything I can to help me when I have trouble sleeping.

I can’t take Melatonin because it interacts with some meds,  Valerian I save only for mild sedation because with my kidney issues I can’t take it very often.

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Oxygen Schmoxigen

I can’t help but be a little frustrated.   Last weekend I noticed I was having breathing issues again on my Niov.  I had it maxed out & it still wasn’t enough support for me even sitting around anymore. I was still having periodic drops with it set to the highest level.

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Review: Mo’s Dream Cream

(Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a sponsored product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.)

I am very skeptical & tough when it comes to pain creams.   Mostly because I found that they don’t do that much for me (if they work at all).    I didn’t hold out much hope when I was approached to review this product.

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The “Fun” Doesn’t End…

I woke up Thursday in my own bed. My first full day home in a week.

I ended up making a rush over to my primary care doctor because I broke out in a hive like rash after taking my morning medicines.

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Like A Broken Record…

I spent a few days in the hospital recently.  June 16 I was having so many problems with my oxygen levels that getting a glass of water downstairs walking 25 feet had me dropping.   I had jumped also to 6 liters of oxygen for sleeping and showering & was really upset.

Something before had kind of felt off but I didn’t feel sick except for a day here or there. I just chalked it up to heat, humidity & bad breathing.  There were days it was so bad I couldn’t even really talk much at all.

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Interesting News: Potential New Drug Fights Bacteria & Viruses At The Same Time

This piece from Lung Disease News really had me excited.

My viral infections sometimes morph into a bacterial infection very quickly if not monitored quickly.   I don’t always need an antibiotic but sometimes I do.  Sometimes they’ll put me on one for a particularly nasty infection because they know I can’t clear it like most people can.

I glanced over the study the article pointed to. It’s a pretty fascinating read for science geeks.

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