2Breathe System – Sleep Help Is Here…

I have pretty much tried everything I can to help me when I have trouble sleeping.

I can’t take Melatonin because it interacts with some meds,  Valerian I save only for mild sedation because with my kidney issues I can’t take it very often.

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Oxygen Schmoxigen

I can’t help but be a little frustrated.   Last weekend I noticed I was having breathing issues again on my Niov.  I had it maxed out & it still wasn’t enough support for me even sitting around anymore. I was still having periodic drops with it set to the highest level.

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Review: Mo’s Dream Cream

(Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a sponsored product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.)

I am very skeptical & tough when it comes to pain creams.   Mostly because I found that they don’t do that much for me (if they work at all).    I didn’t hold out much hope when I was approached to review this product.

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The “Fun” Doesn’t End…

I woke up Thursday in my own bed. My first full day home in a week.

I ended up making a rush over to my primary care doctor because I broke out in a hive like rash after taking my morning medicines.

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Like A Broken Record…

I spent a few days in the hospital recently.  June 16 I was having so many problems with my oxygen levels that getting a glass of water downstairs walking 25 feet had me dropping.   I had jumped also to 6 liters of oxygen for sleeping and showering & was really upset.

Something before had kind of felt off but I didn’t feel sick except for a day here or there. I just chalked it up to heat, humidity & bad breathing.  There were days it was so bad I couldn’t even really talk much at all.

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Interesting News: Potential New Drug Fights Bacteria & Viruses At The Same Time

This piece from Lung Disease News really had me excited.

My viral infections sometimes morph into a bacterial infection very quickly if not monitored quickly.   I don’t always need an antibiotic but sometimes I do.  Sometimes they’ll put me on one for a particularly nasty infection because they know I can’t clear it like most people can.

I glanced over the study the article pointed to. It’s a pretty fascinating read for science geeks.

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Company Profile: AidCube: (Press Release) Lung Transplant Patients use Telehealth at Home

I’m big on telehealth. I think it has potential because I’ve seen it work in rare disease, but here’s an interesting use I have found in Lung Transplant.

Kudos to UCSF for being so forward-thinking!  Thank you AidCube for recognizing this critical need.

This is especially important for those candidates who are a distance away from their transplant center.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a critical component not only for transplant surgery but a useful tool to learn how to exercise safely & consistently with lung disease.

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The First Big Drop

I often say the wait for new lungs is much like being on a roller coaster. Kind of being suspended at the top, not knowing when the drops are coming or the loops.  In suspension at the top, being scared out of your mind looking down below at how high up you are.

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Book Review: Pieces of Me

I received this wonderful book on my birthday.   I have been reading it slowly but surely because I didn’t want to burn through it, since it seemed very special.

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