Why Are You Complaining? Some People Actually Feel That Way: A Critique of Me Before You

I first met Kim Sauder on Twitter. Shortly after, I started following her blog here on WordPress. She has articulated so well here my thoughts on the problem I have with Hollywood’s portrayals of disability in general. I have always had an issue with writing, media & film that portray a disability as something to be ashamed of or intimidated by. Kim outlines this so well here that I think most people may finally be able to understand why this issue is so upsetting to be excluded, stereotyped, & generalized this way in the media. That’s why I chose to reblog this post today. I have several thoughts going on my head but many of them just serve as resounding echo to the issues that Kim has raised here, so I’ll just let her words stand on their own & be taken in. I hope they will speak just as strongly to your heart & mind as they did to mine.


Warning: This post includes comprehensive spoilers for the book Me Before You, a book that deals with disability and assisted suicide. It also deals with sexual assault.

It has taken me months to get all the way through Jojo Moyes’ 2012 novel Me Before You. This protrated reading can be explained by two things. I’m a PhD student and don’t have a lot of free time for reading anything that isn’t directly related to my studies and the fact that this book made me feel violently ill. I hated it, well before I got to the ending. The only reason I finished it is because the movie adaptation is coming out next month and I felt the need to thoroughly explain why it is so problematic and why I find the excitement over the movie adaptation so troubling.

I only became aware of the existence of this book after the…

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iHealth Pulse Oximeter Review

I know I haven’t done a review in a while.

I do have some cool things to talk about soon,  but I wanted to take a minute to let people know about another wireless oximeter.

I know I had some prior comparisons in this past post, but I had to do an update because my Kenek Edge failed shortly after purchase, which was hugely disappointing.

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Chicago Tribune Feature: Loyola Physician Believed To Be Only Doctor To Be Both An Organ Donor & Recipient

I posted this article awhile ago to my Facebook wall, but I feel it’s worth a share to my blog for the novelty of it.

This doctor understands all too well both sides of the transplant coin.

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Article: Man Needs Another Miracle 20 Years After Getting New Heart

Frank Bodino’s story is incredible.  Read it for yourself here.

Yet, what’s even more incredible is how he’s being re-listed through a novel program after being turned down by 4 other centers even with his relentless dedication to taking care of his donor heart.

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Test Driving The Niov System

Today was a big day for me.  I changed oxygen suppliers again & got calibrated & fitted for my new oxygen system.  It’s called a Niov.  It’s basically a portable ventilation system.

I know that sounds intimidating, but it’s not.

It’s not the prettiest looking thing but it works so efficiently that I don’t mind it.

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In Memory Of The Girl Who Spun Fire

I know I’ve talked about death before in past posts like this oneand this one.   When I do it’s because it hits close to home. These were LAM sisters I knew & had met.

I’m getting sick of the losses. In fact, after 12 years I stopped counting because it was too painful & I knew too many women.

I hate this disease so much & how it not only robs breath, but so many other things. It cheats & steals.

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