Article: Man Needs Another Miracle 20 Years After Getting New Heart

Frank Bodino’s story is incredible.  Read it for yourself here.

Yet, what’s even more incredible is how he’s being re-listed through a novel program after being turned down by 4 other centers even with his relentless dedication to taking care of his donor heart.

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Test Driving The Niov System

Today was a big day for me.  I changed oxygen suppliers again & got calibrated & fitted for my new oxygen system.  It’s called a Niov.  It’s basically a portable ventilation system.

I know that sounds intimidating, but it’s not.

It’s not the prettiest looking thing but it works so efficiently that I don’t mind it.

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In Memory Of The Girl Who Spun Fire

I know I’ve talked about death before in past posts like this oneand this one.   When I do it’s because it hits close to home. These were LAM sisters I knew & had met.

I’m getting sick of the losses. In fact, after 12 years I stopped counting because it was too painful & I knew too many women.

I hate this disease so much & how it not only robs breath, but so many other things. It cheats & steals.

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Food For Thought: Mark Liebenow on Organ Donation

Besides Tim Lawrence & Megan Devine, I also follow Mark Liebenow on Twitter. He also has great perspectives on loss & grief, but he also understands the impact of organ donation firsthand & does his best to make other people aware of how important it is.

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Second Life Toys: Raising Awareness for Transplant & Organ Donation

I saw some news articles floating around about Second Life Toys & some pictures, but I went to their website for more information because I saw the video on Youtube. I think the idea is genius both for raising awareness of donation & transplant.

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Fingers Crossed…Progress

Yesterday was exhausting too but it was for a good reason.  I was able to spend most of the afternoon after the doctor’s appointment at least getting the ball rolling on what I need.

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A Circus Stole Some of My Monkeys!

I was wiped out yesterday. Still am today.  I don’t know why it takes an act of God to get anything done while a doctor is on maternity leave.

I know it’s no one’s fault. It’s just one of those stupid bureaucratic wrinkles that’s a bitch to get past when it happens.  Continue reading

Response to TYT: Teen Denied Heart Transplant Over Bad Grades

While I love the Young Turks, I’m torn on this video.  Both Cenk & Ana seem to say they understand the transplant process but they oversimplify the decisions that go into listing & selecting candidates for transplant, whether they are adults, or in this case, children.

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Dallas Morning News: Dark Comedy, ‘Under The Skin,’ Gets You Laughing About Organ Donation. Really.

One thing I appreciate about my fellow improv performers is most of them do know how to politely poke at what could be uncomfortable subjects in a humorous way.

I know stand up comedians who do this well too & I have a lot of respect for those in comedy who have this gift.

In fact, I respect any form of arts or theatre that take on not often talked about subjects.

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