REPOST: Navigating Our Internal Journeys of Loss & Adversity (Podcast)

One night as I was laying awake with some pain & then just also feeling tired of all this, I decided to distract myself with a podcast.

Most people know I’m a huge fan of Tim Lawrence’s blog, “The Adversity Within”.  I’ve even linked back to a few of his blog entries that I’ve found helpful when I’m going through a challenging time or feeling off.

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT:When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Loving Each Other Better

I’ve shared some of Megan Devine’s work before here in my blog in the past & I absolutely love her approach to dealing with pain & grief in life.

I follow her on Twitter & whenever I’m having a rough time, I scroll through her timeline & can always find something that helps me deal with those tough moments.

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Interesting News From Trib Live: Rethinking Care After Lung Transplants Might Lead To Longer Lives

I want to thank Emily Webb from HelpHopeLive for the lead on this important news article.

It points out some important issues that need to be addressed, especially early on after transplant surgery.

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To Tat or Not to Tat (Part II): There’s Always A Work Around…

So in a previous blog post, I mentioned how I asked my transplant team if I could get a tattoo.

I understood why they told me no but I was disappointed.  Yet as usual, I find my own creative ways around disappointments.

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A Very Interesting Read…

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 39.

So I am pushing up the hill & at the top, but not over it…

I have grappling hooks at the ready because I plan on camping out here awhile.

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Article: Massachusetts Lawmakers Seek Protections Against Discrimination In Organ Transplants

I want to thank my friend, twitter buddy, & disability advocate Gregg Beratan for tweeting me this article.  I also came across it in my google alert.

It’s an important subject to discuss.

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