REBLOG: A Parody Of Platitudes

Today, I felt more like reblogging great content I found rather than writing something myself.  I came across this courtesy of Megan Devine’s Refuge In Grief page, but was delighted to find it came from a fellow WordPress blogger.  It’s the perfect satire to illustrate how ridiculous those platitudes are that we spout off because we don’t know what else to say to someone during tough times.  Both great food for thought but good for a laugh too….Thanks Chickydoodles!



The other day Mark and I drafted a text to someone facing a crisis. And, as we were thinking about things to say, we were also thinking about things not to say, most of which have been said to us.

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REBLOG: This Might Change Medicine as We Know it

I had been made aware of this advance but was struggling to reframe it in a relatable way for those without a science background as to why it’s important. I read this post from Science Bar & it seemed a worthwhile share.   We are on the cusp of some very exciting transplant advances, but also advances that are amazing science, period.


After the interesting post Bacteria in a Barbrie World, Magdalena Assaad shared with us this extremely interesting article she wrote about a huge update in transplant medicine. Cheers to revolutionising ideas ! Cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death : according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 17 million people die yearly of […]

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