Weird Weather Aside, I Just Keep Plugging Away…

The weather here in Pennsylvania has been weird the past few days.  It’s been unseasonably cool plus overcast.  Even though my lungs were glued to my chest wall over 10 years ago, I still get sensitive with weird weather cycles. It affects my breathing for sure, but I actually feel it in my chest too.  It also usually means more pain.  Which it did definitely today.

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Democracy 3: A Healthy Way To Vent Out Frustration…

I was looking for a few games I could play on my Macbook Air that wouldn’t use a lot of space or memory.

I was intrigued by the fact that there was a political sim game so I decided to give a try.

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Nick Valentine Got Annoying So I Threw Him Over For Deacon…

My friends have me playing Fallout4.  It’s fun. I do enjoy it, but I’ve been looking at other things to play too.

I have Fallout Shelter on my phone & ipad & it’s fun, as well as Exploding Kittens on my phone. When I remember, they are a good way to kill long waits.

[If someone else has Exploding Kittens — you’ll have to let me know. I don’t know anyone else who plays the iphone version (yet).]

I’ve also been watching my friend play FarCry Primal which is interesting.

But I’m thinking I’m going to download a few games from Steam to just let off just that…

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Election Day Musing On LA Times Article: Under New Oregon Law, All Eligible Voters Are Registered Unless They Opt Out

Since today is (primary) election day in my state, & I know people of all political stripes, I was looking for an interesting article that would reach to everyone going to vote today & might pique their interest.

I think I found one.

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Most days, I’m ok with this wait.   I have days too that I secretly wish for the call not to come on particular days for selfish reasons.  Yet, I’m ready for that to happen.  Well, part of me is…  Continue reading

Seeking Out Human Contact…

I keep a pretty tight circle, but generally have to say I know some pretty damn good people. Some better than others.   I like having different layers to my friendship matrix. I know that sounds a bit off, but it works for me.

But those I let into my life that have stuck around really do have their qualities that I appreciate.

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Yesterday Was A Bit Much…

Yesterday was my transplant appointment.  As usual, my bestie & I left in plenty of time to get down there.  From early on, the drive was problematic.  I kept it to myself but something just felt weird about the day  but I couldn’t put my finger on it immediately.

However, I enjoyed that extra time.

As usual, we have good chats & sometimes chats that we just don’t have because we are too distracted with other things going on.

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Leadership Isn’t Always A Straight Line

I may never run for public office, though I am sorely tempted at times.

Recounting past experiences (prior to social media) is a lion’s share of the reason why, I think.

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