The Call May Come Sooner After Tomorrow

I’m not jumping at every phone ring anymore, but I still get panicky at every Pennsylvania area code.  The other day my phone rang once then hung up which did make me a little nervous at first.  I immediately did a reverse look up of the number & it turns out it was a sales call. More proof that the Do Not Call list is not very effective.

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Why Are The Majority of Microspirometers NOT Smart But Expensive?

As I was searching the commonwealth, er…I mean web… on Saturday I ended up venting a bit to a blogger buddy of mine (who also happens to be a doctor) about the price of a piece of medical equipment.

If only I could craft one like you can items in Fallout 4, I’d be in business.  I could charge half of the going rate for these things & still make a killing in caps, er…I mean money.

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News Articles About Pain Are A Pain

I admit I used to hear complaints quite a bit over time professionally & personally in several circles about chronic pain.  It was to the point that I was encountering it so frequently that I became somewhat less than sympathetic, or at the very least somewhat desensitized to the issue it posed to people.

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Rare Transplant Procedure At Stanford Hospital Saves Two Women’s Lives

The past few days I had been doing a bit of post-transplant homework on a device I’ll need to monitor my lung function after.   That’s a whole ball of wax I’ll post about in awhile. After I was done recording an episode for a podcast & talking about some of the interesting advances that had been made in transplant recently, this story happened upon my feed & I felt compelled to share.

I thought it was touching & interesting way to show how transplantation is getting creative & avoiding organs going to waste.

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Interesting News From Futurism: New Potential Imaging Technique

Yesterday, I didn’t do much.  About the time I was getting ready to go out in the afternoon & then play a little Fallout 4, I had another pain flare hit. This time it wasn’t just the pain & stiffness, it was also the return of pain in my kidney area.

This was something I hadn’t been subject to since 2010.  I was not happy to see it return, but not surprised either since it’s almost been a month now I’ve been off Rapamune. I knew it might sooner or later.

As I was fighting that, I was still trying to be somewhat productive. I was reading articles & watching videos to do background research for the latest Sickadilly chat today on superbugs.

I came across this online magazine on futurism as I was almost ready to call it a night.

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Conflicts in Care

A few recent exchanges over the past few weeks made me recall a pain point in my healthcare journey.  I felt it was worthwhile sharing about.   It’s not a choice I make willy nilly, in fact it’s one of the harder things for me to do, but sometimes necessary. Continue reading

My Clock is Off…But My Phone is Not

These time changes always seem to mess with me a little (especially the first week).

Now that I know I’m listed I made some changes to my phone after that restless first night afterwards where every little notification & every little thing woke me up after I knew I had gone active.

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Getting To Know Fellow Bloggers

Today, one of my WordPress & Twitter friends nominated me for a Liebster award.

While in some circles this may be seen as a chain letter of sorts, I decided to accept & create a post.

I think it’s a great way for fellow bloggers to highlight their favorite blogs & get to know their community a little better.

In addition, my blogger buddies get to know me a little better, too.

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Smart Blood Pressure Comparison: iHealth Ease Vs. Accutension

First off, please allow me to say that I really greatly value a company that interacts with their users & works to be communicative.  Junfeng Zhao of Accuntension has been nothing but a wonderfully customer oriented & involved founder & I sincerely appreciate that.

There was a bit of a learning curve with this device for me.

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Don’t Read If You Haven’t Seen House Of Cards

I’m a huge House of Cards fan.  Though I haven’t read the book, I have seen the British mini-series version right after the first season was up.  I love it.

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