Important Research Finding in TSC/LAM: Introduction

For those without a science background I thought I would preface my past posting & the followup posts that will be forthcoming with some helpful definitions.

Genetics can get complicated to follow at points.   It took me about 3 lectures at LAM & TSC conferences before I grasped the basic premise behind how TSC works. There are things even after getting more education & sitting on both clinical & basic research panels that I still don’t grasp entirely, but that’s OK.  I still know enough to follow along basically, & hopefully these upcoming posts will help someone do the same.

Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to link out to some terms out front to make the research paper easier to digest.

Today I’m focusing on breaking down the terminology presented in the most recent finding  I blogged about recently.

Over the next few days,  I’ll dig into the questions I proposed to Dr. D’Armiento & Dr. Chada about this research finding that they were gracious enough to share their insights on.  I hope you find it as enlightening as I did.

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