Johns Hopkins Performs World’s First HIV-To-HIV Organ Transplant

The HOPE Act was a big move in reversing the stance of disqualifying donors & patients alike because of HIV Status.  The passage of this act in 2013, led to changes & developing safeguards for transplants in the HIV population.
“Before this act at least 500-600 lives were lost per year because both donors & patients were disqualified from organ transplantation. ” (A statistic taken from this article.)

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National Doctor’s Day

The past years have been quite the journey & have taken me to some incredibly high and low places, both professionally & personally.  I owe quite a bit of that ride to doctors.

So on this National Doctor’s Day, I would like to thank the many doctors I’ve been privileged to know & be cared for by, volunteered with, & worked along side of.  As well as those I have come to know as people.

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Powerful Organ Donation Video

I don’t cry easily, but this video that my cousin passed along to me via Facebook yesterday really got the water works going.

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Review: Tricalm

It seems since I went off the Rapamune, my skin has gone a bit crazy & been a bit extra sensitive. I’m not sure why.  I’ve used the same types of products I always have on my skin, no major changes. I always use very natural based soap (in fact, one of my hobbies is making my own), but I’ve been subject at points to some fairly intense itching & irritation.

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Getting My Inhaler To “Work” For Me

Yet again, I find some actually useful stuff on Facebook. (I can’t remember the exact post or I would have linked to it.)

Propeller Health was asking for participants to try their app & be part of a study in exchange for one of their sensors.

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Great Times, Great Podcasts!

There’s a great chronic illness & disability podcast I found a few months after starting this blog called In Sickness & In Health.

I started interacting with the host, Cara Gael on Twitter & asked her to sit in on a Blab we did on Crowdsourcing Tough Diagnoses.

She’s such a fount of knowledge so I was humbled when she asked me to talk with her last weekend about being on her podcast. I was delighted to do so.

I’ve been on another podcast awhile back but that hasn’t posted yet.  When it does, I’ll link to it.   I think podcasts as a whole are a great way to share information.

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