Smart Blood Pressure & Glucose Monitoring

I recently found out my Mobicuff is STILL is in development. I did the pre-order back in April.  It’s a smart phone enabled blood pressure kit.

I know sometimes these devices take time to enhance & develop but admittedly I was a bit frustrated with the reply I did receive back from Safe Heart customer service after I followed up.  They didn’t have a target date for me to receive it.  I’d rather they take their time & get it right but I wish they’d be more forthcoming with email status updates to people who did place pre-orders some time ago.

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Another Interesting & Useful Kickstarter Project

The reality is that once I’m post transplant there are times to avoid germs I will have to wear a mask.  I’m not super jazzed about this as I typically don’t like things over my face (even scarves in the winter on cold days). I will have to get over it, I know… Continue reading


My winter holidays are typically quiet.  I don’t venture out to the midwest during this time of year because the weather is too unpredictable, but luckily I have friends here to make it feel like a holiday anyway. I’m never alone & for that I’m grateful.

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HOT BUTTON: To Friend Or Not To Friend

Invariably, years of volunteering has enriched my life with bringing some wonderful people to me that I may not have met otherwise.   I can also say this about my transplant experience, but then also improv & blogging & other hobbies.  A sense of community is a great thing.  Strong friendships even better…

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Love/Hate With Health Insurance

Many people don’t realize this but many common issues regarding premiums & claims were present before healthcare reform.  I even experienced them myself for a few years when I made the mistake of selecting a plan that looked good on paper, but in reality was quite the opposite. (I even found an error but was never given a way to be able to submit proof to have it corrected).  This was back quite awhile ago, & also part of what prompted me to take a position in customer service in health insurance when I found an opening a few years ago. I learned so much. Some knowledge I’m glad I have & other knowledge I wish I didn’t…

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Exercising With Lung Disease

Admittedly, I had periods of even in better lung health where I slacked on exercise or failed to maintain consistency with a routine because of my energy levels.  Some of the issues I faced had to do with me just getting built up, going into a cycle of sickness & surgery, & then taking a while to come out it of it. I would get easily frustrated with losing everything & having to continually start from square one & feeling weak.

Some of it also could be attributed to the fact that I put my job at the forefront of everything for awhile. This included exercise & personal relationships.  Continue reading