When & How Do Recipients Say Goodbye To Their “Original” Organ(s)? Do They?

I do have a question I’d like to pose to some of my transplant friends, of whatever organ or whatever status.  I know that many transplant recipients feel compelled to write their donor families, yet how many have felt the urge to write a farewell note to their original organ(s)?

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A Transplant Exchange Fostered By…Tinder???

I know I’ve been heavy & introspective lately again, as usual for me when I’m tossing things around.  My next lung transplant follow-up appointment is tomorrow. Admittedly before any doctor’s appointment (regardless of news or lack thereof)  I get a little amped.  This is always the case & has been since 2004. I’ve been doing a good job taking my mind off of it for the first few days this week, but then also trying to do some preparing yesterday & today (if I have any lingering questions that popped into my head that I need to discuss).

I recently was introduced to someone in my local area, close in age to me, with some similar issues. He had his double lung transplant in May & is doing well. So for the past few days, as I’ve thought of different questions in relation to his journey & experiences that have come up that I’ve been asking as he’s reached out to me. Having him as an ear & sounding board has helped me process a few things that I wasn’t quite grasping before & I see that as a good thing.

Yet, today I had a bevy of things I could write about. I felt something else was in order.  So low and behold I found this on my friend Leslie Franklin‘s Twitter feed recently & thought it was unique enough to share.

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