Interesting Recent Links – Transplant Statistics/Leveraging Biomarkers

One of my LAM sisters had posted this item to her Facebook wall.  Some of these statistics I knew, others I didn’t, but I felt it was worth a share today.  It’s extremely interesting & also has some very nice video clips.

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I Dared Myself & Won

Well, I accomplished my goal yesterday.   I finished something I had never undertaken before, a novel.  At 50,000 words it’s probably more like a novella, but it’s the basis of something good. I do know that.

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Transplant Advances: Ice-Free Preservation – A Potential New Standard?

In the early days of my blog, I mentioned the warm perfusion preservation technique, ex-vivo.  Yet, this advance & the technology is not available to all patients & all centers just yet.  Also, not all organs can ideally be preserved via a warm perfusion method. Others actually benefit from what’s called cold perfusion, or essentially to “be on ice”.  Which was typically the way all organs were preserved up until ex-vivo technology came to be a reality or looked at as a possible option.  Continue reading

The 3rd Gene Rumbling in TSC Has Been Silenced


The TS Alliance alerted me to a very interesting research finding as of late.  I have mentioned this rare disease of mine a few times, but it is basically a genetic disorder that causes benign tumors on several of the body’s organs.  It wreaks havoc to say the least, sometimes causing epilepsy & autism, as well as other issues.  In my case, it also led me to developing LAM (though there is a sporadic form of LAM).  As I was growing up, 2 genes were identified through research.  I remember hearing rumblings of a possible third gene in the past few years.

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Kids Table or Big Table?

Thanksgiving brings back so many memories for me.  Though I’m usually not with my parents & family (the plains states weather is too unpredictable), I’m with close friends who make it a nice day.   This year is no exception.  Often, when I wouldn’t be able to make it home, I found friends in similar positions who were kind enough to take me in for the day. Continue reading

To Tat Or Not To Tat?

I think I surprised a few people at my last appointment. I asked about getting a tattoo as the appointment was winding down. I had wanted one for years, & thought maybe during the period that I was finally off the immunosuppressant I could maybe get one safely.

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The Finish Line Is Near

Yesterday  I did something I wasn’t quite sure I’d do.  I hit 40,860 words on the National Novel Writing Challenge  I undertook at the beginning of the month.  For someone who has never even attempted a novel before it seemed daunting at first. I only had two days notice of the challenge, even though I had a friend & improv teammate who swore by it & has been doing it for years. I can clearly see why.

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